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5 Habits Highly Productive People Possess

Can you be as effective in 14 hours as you are in 35 hours? Wearing multiple hats as Vice President of Fei Siong Food Management, Institute Principal of FSI and also a father of two, Mervin Lee believes so.

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Singapore Raising Standards for Environmental Services; Sets to Create Over 1,600 PMET Jobs by 2025

More than 1,6000 professional, management, executive and technical (PMET) positions are expected to be created by 2025, according to the updated Environment Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM).

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Want Higher Wages in the Cleaning Sector in Singapore? Reskill or Upskill Yourself.

According to data from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, the median hourly wage for cleaners in the city-state is SGD8.50 as of 2021.

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Upskilling Cleaners in Singapore For Higher Wages

Back in the day, cleaning work was seen as easy. Manual work no doubt, but easy. If the floor is dirty, just use lots of chemical cleaners.

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